Seventies,  In the seventies the first carefull drawings where made, from a carroussell with instead of Gondolas was fitted with Motorbikes,  years later this  idea was  copied by Vekome in their Motor Bike coaster.


1983  When visiting Netherlands biggest fun fair, in the town Tilburg, I saw a kind of overturn ride inspired me to design a complete new type of amusement Ride.


1984   Starting  to draw the  first commercial concept  design  called  "The Satellite"  after completed it

many ideas where put on paper, all with the unique property that they are all new and never been made before.


1985 - 1991 development the art of designing, drawing severeal designs, visiting  trade shows and Manufacturers, all over Europe to present  the  ideas.


1992   Our first design was, badly copied,  by the - occasional - Manufacturer, Nauta, Baily and Bussink,  in total of three devices where sold.


1994    Wallet  of  11  designs, and first  order  to  design a  new  Amusement  Ride, from   the  austrian company Waagner Biro, designed  the BoBo,  after manufactured  renamed Flying Circus, sold in 1996 to Bart Vergnugungsbetriebe,  Euskirchen Germany,  premiere  at the Aachen Fruhlingsbend  in april 1997.


1995 -1998  Wallet further extended  to a total of 15 designs.


1999  our  15th   design  named  "Schaukelturm"  presented  in to Huss Maschinefabrik in Bremen Germany, after redesign in 2002,  renamed Topple Tower and  included in their delivery program.


2005   The first  Topple Tower delivered to Bellewaerde Amusement Park in Ypres  belgium, in two years a total of  six  devices  were sold.


2012  2 and 3D Cad and animation  software now introduced  in our  designs.


2014  Another new design, with a uqniue  ride pattern  designed, named Swinground, sales activities started.


2015  Swingaround project lisenced to Mondial Rides / Heerenveen.


2016  In cooperation with an illustration artist, themed  designs  now  introduced.


2017  Swingaround themed  into the Aductis  theme.


2018  under devellopment, two designs, Sweeper design (2020) and  and the  Eagle design (2021)


2019  After many requests, our website  online.


2020  Our latest new  idea, Sweeper concept  design now finished, is of Sept. available. 


2021  Planning real working  scalemodels, scale 1:25   for  presentation and sales activities.


2023  Start  desiging our laters  NEW  Ride  idea,  the  Wyper, presentation  October  this  year.

         First fully functional scale model, 1:25  is  ready for presentation and  for  sales  activities.












 Flying Circus


Autodesk 360 2