Introduction of our activities, we are worlds smallest design

office with worlds greatest ideas. Inventing concepts of new types of amusement Rides.


Our aim is to serve the industrie, Amusement Parks, Manufacturers,

Sales companies  to produce every  year a total new and unique

concept  design, of a new ride that has never been made before.



Every design is absolutely new and exist out of scale drawings, some fully detailed, other limited to overview birdseye and some drawings with  the ride specificatios in detail.


Our  skilled  specialized  mechanical engineering office will  provide you with complete Mechanical engineering 2D and 3D Drawings and calculations, ready to produce,also computer animation / presentation is part of the design.


On request we also deliver a fully themed concept  of  the  design.


Need a new ride ? ..... advice,  or consult for  a new Ride, whatever you want, aks  us.