Design:  Swingaround /  Aductis theme

Project nr: 0653582  ( pat. pend.)


Wolds  first  Swing  that  can not only swing back and forth, but also in every direction !


For  the spectatores  this looks  very  impressive, because  due to the  small  footprint  they can  come close  to the  Ride,  which actually swings  above their heads, it  looks  like  it’s  gonna fall on  them.

For the Passengers this  feels very spectacular because

they are experience as if they are gonna fall on the spectators !  this  make  this  Ride  extraordinary and  very spectacular.


As extra  can be added a waterspray/sprinkler, on the caroussel, that every time  it reach  its  peak height, sprays  some water  over its  spectators !


Gondola capacity: 30-40 persons

Hourly capacity: appprox  880 persons (40 seat gondola )


Front: 22,2 mtr / 73,83 ft.

Depth: 19,2 mtr / 62,99 ft.

Height:  25 mtr / 82,02 ft.

Surface: 85 m² / 915 ft².











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  Project:  Sweeper

Project nr: 127402  (pat.pend.)



Family friendly  ride, with multi purpose ride patterns  and  which

is avaiable  with two different  Gondola’s,  a  classic  round shape, and  a square shaped  typ with  hanging seats,

and  with fixed main tower, or  a rotating  main  tower.

Family friendly because movements and height are limited  very high,  a real  family friendly ride.


 CAD drawing Sweeper round gondola


Tech. specifications: 

Gondola capacity: 32-36 persons (round shape)

Gondola capacity: 35-40 persons   CAD drawing Sweeper rectangular gondola

                            rectangular shape



Front: 22.2 mtr / 73,83 ft.

Depth: 20,20 mtr / 66,27 ft.

Height: 16,90 mtr / 55,45 ft.

Surface: 387,70 m² / 1271 ft².




 Sweeper theme 2021